Representative Positions

Representative Positions

BMX QLD Inc. State Team Selection

BMX QLD Inc. Policy:

The State Team will be chosen from the State’s top riders.
Riders selected to attend State I.D. Training Camps, Elite Training Camps or Elite Training sessions, may be considered at any time to be selected for the State Team.

The top 8 riders chosen for the State Team do not necessarily come from the I.D. Training Camps, Elite Training Camps or Elite Training sessions.

Consideration may also be given to riders who are presently competing in overseas International events, who will also be attending the National Championships. 


Director of Athlete Development with his/her coordinators will select 8 riders, consisting of 4 age class [14 - 16yrs] (Challenge Team) and 4 Junior &/or Senior Elite (Championship Team) classes and submit them to the Board of BMX Qld Inc. The performances of the 8 riders over a twelve month’s period from the previous National Championships will be taken into consideration.

Upon consideration the Board of BMX Queensland Inc. will ratify the final 8 riders to represent the Queensland State Team.