Drugs in Sport

Drugs in Sport

The achievements of Queensland's athletes on the national and international stage are a source of pride and inspiration for fans and the wider public.

Queensland is fortunate to have produced many of Australia's best athletes, whose performances have helped ensure sport is an important part of the Queensland way of life.

Central to Queensland's sporting identity has always been the concept of fair play.

Cheating has no place in Queensland sport and the use of prohibited drugs and doping methods to gain an unfair advantage is deplored by the vast majority of athletes and the public.

The use of performance enhancing substances is banned in Queensland for ethical, health and legal reasons.

Drug cheats not only rob sport of its integrity, they tarnish the reputations of athletes who rely on hard work and dedication to achieve their results.

BMX QLD Inc. is committed to stamping out drug use in sport and is working with the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority (ASADA) to level the playing field for athletes at all levels. ASADA was established in March 2006, assuming the testing, education and advocacy roles of the Australian Sports Drug Agency (ASDA) with additional functions and investigative powers. For more information on drug testing procedures in Australia go to ASADA's website.

As a result of the transition to ASADA, a number of legislative and policy changes have occured at a national level which impacts States and Territories. Queensland is currently working to ensure consistency with ASADA to continue achieving a drug-free sport environment which protects the health, well-being and rights of athletes.

For more information regarding drugs in sport, such as the prohibited substances list, visit the World Anti-Doping Agency site.

BMX QLD Inc. has adopted BMX Australia's Anti Doping Policy and regularly conducts drug testing both in and out of competition in the interests of keeping our sport clean.