Kamakazi Takes Off For London

After a blistering start at Nerang on Friday night, picking up three motos on the trot, Kamakazi bungled the start in the Semis and failed to make the Final in Round 3 of the Elite Men’s Probikz race.

The next day, Kama hit the track with renewed vigour, put disappointment behind him, and made the Round 4 Final in which he finished 6th behind Sam Willoughby after drawing the outside gate.

The following interview provides insight into “new” Kamakazi, and reveals how the Beijing Olympian will approach his push for inclusion in the Australian team for the 2012 London Olympics:

CSN: Where have you been hiding?

Kamakazi: (Laughs)  Well..I’d put the rumour out there that I had retired, but I’ve since found out that I’ve still got a lot left in the gas tank, so it’s time now for me to come out of my shell and try to prove something against all the younger fellows.

Its now four years on from the last (Olympic)Games when I was at my peak, and since thin I’ve been digging myself a big hole and its so hard to get out of it..

CSN: This is the start of the season for you really, isn’t it?

Kamakazi:   Yea..It’s the second one of the (Probikz) Series, but it’s the one everyone uses to start the Calendar year. They try to perform their best at this race usually. Nerang is one of the first events I use to gauge where my training is, and from here I’m going to go onto the big Supercrosses and get the results that really count.

CSN: How Do you keep your fitness level up?   Lay off sex?

Kamakazi: (laughs) Yea that would be nice. It’s no different than before, but I find it harder work than when I was an 18yo due to the fact that I have to force myself to get on the bike rather than living on it.

CSN: What are you main goals for 2011?

Kamakazi: Try to make the National team again, and do as many Supercross events as I can and try to get a podium at any one of these.

CSN: So to join Z Z Top is not going to be on the cards (reference to Kamakazi’s long beard)

Kamakazi: No, having a long beard was an identity crisis and something I wanted to do for a long time. However in BMX man  I find I’m overheating, so I mightn’t have one tomorrow.

CSN: You must be really pleased with the quality of riders here at Nerang?

Kamakazi: Yea, Look every one is a world class rider. Any gate that you get could have three or four hot guns in there, so no race is an easy race. It’s flat out all the way to the final if you make it that far.

CSN: You’ve won three motos so far?

Kamakazi: Yea, three motos, but I’m trying to take each race as it comes. I don’t want to think too far ahead.You know, I’m not as nervous as I used to be. I sort of go out there and I know what I have to do.

CSN: How old are you know?

Kamikazi: Thirty. I’ll be 31 by the time those Games come around. Wade (Boots) was in the same position last time. I think I can do it. 31 is the peak of your “man strength”, so they say.

I’m a bit older and wiser than I used to be. I try to do everything for a reason now, rather than just mouth off or do stupid things. Going to the Olympics last time changed my life completely. And now between mortgage and marriage everything has been turned around."

Article courtesy Peter Ford - CycleSportNews -