Construction of new sports facilities moves onto the starting blocks

Sport Minister Phil Reeves today released the artwork and announced that tenders have been called for the construction of an Olympic-standard BMX track, the first of its type in the southern hemisphere and would soon be called for a second Olympic-sized pool .

"We are a step closer now to this exciting revamp of Sleeman," Mr Reeves said.

"The BMX track will push this sport forward in Queensland in a major way."

"This $13.3 million development represents the single largest investment at the Complex since its opening prior to the 1982 Commonwealth Games," Mr Reeves said.

State Member for Chatsworth Steve Kilburn said the BMX track and pool would provide top level facilities for Queensland's elite riders and swimmers and assist in training the champions of tomorrow and be available for community use.

"The track will feature two start ramps (5m and 8m with an 18/28° sloping angle) with major double-jumps, step ups and a technical 'rhythm section'," Mr Kilburn said.

"Riders will hit speeds of up to 60km/h around the 350 - 400 metre track. 5,000 - 8,000 m³ of clay/sand composite will be used to develop the track."

"BMX is a booming sport in Australia. The following for the sport here is second only to the United States."

"Queensland has 32 BMX clubs from Cooktown to Coolangatta and out to Mt Isa."

Beijing Olympian Kamikaze said it's awesome to see the sport of BMX growing in Australia.

"Thanks to the Queensland Government building tracks like this, it will only bring more BMX riders on board," he said.

"I can't wait to get on the track and try it out when it's complete."

BMX Australia President Barry Knight said the building of a Supercross BMX track in Australia was testament to the growing number of riders participating in the sport.

"Coming off the first ever BMX Olympic event at the Beijing Games, this track will be of exceptional benefit to our Olympic hopefuls for London 2012, giving our riders the chance to train on a world class track," Mr Knight said

"The track not only gives elite riders a spectacular training facility, but also will enable BMX riders of all ages to ride a Supercross standard track, and see what it takes to reach the highest level of achievement."

"This also provides us with the opportunity to host more International events, bringing the best riders in the world to Australia."

Mr Reeves said the facilities would provide a fantastic training ground and hopefully inspire more Queenslanders to get physically active.

Work on the BMX track will commence in the coming months and be completed by March 2011 while the pool will be completed in mid 2011.