BMX Australia launches App

For Immediate Release

02 December, 2013

BMX Australia launches new App

BMX Australia has today launched the BMX Australia  App for Apple and Android smart devices as it continues to offer its members the most up to date and current technologies keeping its members and the BMX community connected and informed.

The free App is available in the iTunes Store for iOS devices and in the Google Play Store for Android devices.

BMX Australia’s General Manager Mark Louis said the creation and development of the App adds another platform for its members to stay connected and be engaged.

“It was a natural progression of our digital strategy to offer an App to our members and fans of BMX,” Louis said.

“The internet is changing the world, the devices we use and the way we communicate. The challenge for BMX Australia is how we leverage our presence in the new market place."

The BMX Australia App houses all social media, BMXA TV, live results, events, and membership and allows users access on any device any time and anywhere.

"As we move into the next digital age of content management, the BMX Australia App provides a platform for the future commercialisation of our own exciting content," Louis said.

What sets this App apart from others is that there is something for everyone and for every application within BMX. Clubs can utilise the App to sign on members at their club events with the App integrating into the membership database. A new rider can simply arrive at a club, express their interest in becoming a member which the club can grab a smart phone or tablet with the App on it and then guide the new member through the process of registering; it eliminates the need of bulky IT infrastructure with most smart devices capable of being a 3G connected.

The BMX Australia App allows users to take photos and upload them, watch live racing from events that BMX Australia will live stream or from any race they might have missed on BMXATV as well as having the ability to buy BMX merchandise through the online shopping cart. All of these features are accessible on any smartphone or tablet at any time of the day.

Available today as a free download, the BMX Australia App is a full function, fully integrated mobile application that meets the needs of the sport’s members, clubs and followers giving them all the information they need anywhere, anytime.