UPDATED BMXA Start Hill Policy

2015 10-15 Updated Start Hill Policy & Safety Training Module BMX Australia recognises that suitably accredited BMX officials and coaches both play an important role and need to utilise an 8 metre start hill gate for different reasons. Accordingly, BMX Australia has revised the Start Hill Policy which outlines eligibility criteria for use of an 8m start hill for riders, coaches and officials. The policy also outlines the mandatory requirements for conducting BMX activities on an 8m start hill ramp for coaching and officiating. In addition to the Start Hill Policy, the Board of BMX Australia has endorsed an 8m Hill Safety Training module which consists of competency based practical and theory components which provides both coaches and officials with the required accreditation to conduct activities on an 8m Start hill. The 8m Safety Training Module forms part of the current Level 2 Coaching Course as well any training conducted by the National Officiating Director or accredited assessor. Previously accredited coaches and officials will have their former training recognised. BMX Australia maintains an up to date database of accredited users. Please see the revised Starting Hill Policy HERE.