National Sign On Day 2015

Applications are now open for BMX Clubs to hold a 2015 National Sign On Day.


BMX Australia in conjunction with the State Associations are inviting clubs to host a National Sign on Day where they can showcase their club and attract new members to the sport.

National Sign On Day will be held on the weekends of 7 or 8 February, 14 or 15 February, or 21 or 22 February 2015. The idea for this event is that non-BMX Australia members (children and their parents) can head down to their local club and see what BMX racing is all about.

National Sign On Day is a great way to attract new members by showcasing the sport and your club. BMX has experienced significant growth over the last 12 months and through initiatives like National Sign On Day, it continues to introduce new members to clubs all over Australia.

BMX Australia is currently negotiating another targeted Television and Radio advertising campaign in the locales where clubs are holding their National Sign On Day. To ensure exposure from the TVC’s and radio advertising we need to have your application completed and returned to the BMX Australia office so that advertising can be targeted to areas holding National Sign On Day’s and prove more effective.

Clubs also have the option to purchase show bags at $8.00 each (includes GST and freight). This represents outstanding value, as the recommended retail price of what is included is $50.00 each! In the show bag participants of National Sign On Day receive a Coaching DVD, BMX Australia Hat, Wristband, Pen and a Brochure all about BMX. There is a limited amount of stock available - clubs are advised to get in quick to ensure supply.

Applications close Friday 5th December 2014.

BMX Australia absorbs all insurance fees associated with holding Participation Days on the proviso that all related paperwork is completed and returned. A $100 insurance fee will be invoiced per event where paperwork has not been completed.

In addition to the Application Form, BMX Australia developed the “Participation Resource” which is a handy resource for clubs to consult in preparing to host a National Sign On Day. In this resource there is information on what is required to hold the day, checklists of what resources clubs will need and so forth. Also attached within the Participation Resource are templates that can be distributed to your local school(s), clubs are encouraged to do so, as data acquired from last year indicated that this was an effective method of attracting potential members.

BMX Australia has designed a print ready poster for National Sign on Day participating Clubs for distribution around their community notice Boards and shop fronts.  

Please find links for the Application Form, Participation Resource and Promotional Poster here.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..